Hayley Dierker

Hayley Dierker and Hilary Clinton

Hayley Dierker served as chief of staff and chief operating officer of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). In this capacity, she helped the political fundraising organization recruit and oversee a staff of more than 140 professionals. Hayley Dierker’s responsibilities also included collaborating with executive team members in their collective stewardship of the DCCC budget, which exceeded $210 million.

Before joining the DCCC, Hayley Dierker worked as deputy chief of staff to Congressman Scott Murphy. While serving the congressman, she attended to his daily schedule and devised a system for managing the thousands of invitations he received annually. She also partnered with Rep. Murphy’s chief of staff on staff oversight.

Early in her career, Hayley Dierker honed her political skills on the local level as campaign scheduler and press assistant with Paul Babbitt for Congress in Flagstaff, Arizona. She later became director of operations for the Office of Congressman Donald Cazayoux, Jr.

When not working, she enjoys following athletic teams such as the Arizona Cardinals and the San Diego Padres.